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Interpreting methods

In the interpreting world we make a distinction between three different types of interpreting methods.

Whispered interpreting

A whispering interpreter whispers when interpreting. A whispering interpreter usually interprets for one or two people in a small space. The interpreter interprets while the speaker speaks. Such meetings don’t last very long (roughly 90 minutes).

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Consecutive interpreting

A consecutive interpreter interprets after the speaker has spoken. This means the translation follows the spoken text. As a result, a meeting often lasts longer, but this method is less demanding.

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Simultaneous interpreting

This is a somewhat more intensive form of interpreting where the simultaneous interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker. A simultaneous interpreter uses materials and equipment such as an interpreting booth and headphones. These interpreters are often used during large-scale events.

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An overview of the most significant differences between all three interpreting methods:

Whispering interpreter Consecutive interpreter Simultaneous interpreter
Space Small/medium Small/medium Large
Number of persons needing an interpreter Few (1 to 3 persons) Few or many Few or many
Equipment Optional No Yes
Lag in the translation No yes No

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