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Interpretation services through HearHear…

What kind of prices can clients expect?

Through our years of experience we’ve learned that no interpreter assignment is the same. That explains why you can’t immediately determine what the costs will be. The costs are dependent on numerous factors:

  1. the type of interpretation service
  2. the language combination
  3. the location/li>
  4. the assignment’s starting date and time
  5. the duration of the assignment
  6. the specialism
  7. how demanding the assignment is
  8. the interpreting equipmentneeded

You can see how it’s difficult to quote a definitive price if the service is dependent on so many different factors. A one-hour assignment might need several hours of preparation time, and there could be travel expenses involved. This means our quote is tailor-made to your situation.

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. When you look at the factors mentioned above, you may have deduced that an interpretation service could be costly. For a conference involving multiple languages, this can be a significant cost item in the budget. We offer the best possible service while taking into account the budget available.

We would like to call you to discuss and explain the aspects mentioned above. Read about our approach for more details. Once the abovementioned factors have been clarified, we can prepare a tailor-made offer for you. The service and the price we offer you will then perfectly match your request.

What kind of an interpreter do you need for your meeting? Contact us for more information now!