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HearHear is the Rotterdam-based interpreting agency that does things differently. We’re the interpreting agency that’s willing to go that extra mile for you.

Welcome to HearHear, a professional, service-oriented interpreting agency focused on meeting our clients’ needs. We are part of Business Translation Services Rotterdam. . Colleagues look at us as the odd man out because we focus exclusively on interpretation services, while they prefer to focus on translations.

So what is HearHear’s purpose?

We started HearHear based on the idea that it should be easy and convenient for everyone to make use of interpretation services. We’ve observed that translation agencies provide interpretation services almost as an afterthought, because their focus is on translations.

This is a missed opportunity! Providing interpretation services is a specialism. It’s a service that requires a great deal of attention, time and specialised knowledge. Because every assignment is different. Every client has different preferences and requirements that need to be evaluated with a keen eye. A request for an interpreter requires a tailor-made approach. And to provide tailor-made service, comprehensive knowledge is needed.

HearHear has now built up a large network of professional interpreters, both in the Netherlands and abroad. As a result, we’re active in a variety of disciplines and professions in the Netherlands and internationally. We’re capable of providing whatever services you need.

Who are the people behind HearHear?

HearHear’s small team knows how to make a big impact. This means everyone in our team is aware of all the requests, so any of us can provide the services you need. This is very useful during large-scale events. We work closely as a team, and that way we ensure that no detail is forgotten or overlooked. We don’t cut corners. Our service-oriented approach focuses on delivering results that leave our clients more than satisfied. This is something we take pride in.

WWe like to take a personal approach, and we’re always there when you need us, throughout the whole process. We stay committed from the moment your request comes in to the event itself – and afterwards.

Join us for a cup of coffee?

Would you like to know more about our interpretation services or just drop by to meet us? We’d love to meet you! Feel free to drop in to our office for a cup of coffee. We would we happy to tell you why we’re proud to be working at HearHear. Drop us a line using the form below.

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