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We’re only satisfied when you’re satisfied.

That’s why we provide interpretation services that match your needs and preferences. How do we do that?

We believe the quality of interpretation services depends on three factors:

  1. The interpreter

Obviously, the quality of the interpretation service is first and foremost dependent on the quality of the interpreter. Our interpreters are professionals. They know how to translate and convey not just the client’s words, but the message and sentiment as well. A HearHear interpreter is also punctual, well-prepared and dressed appropriately for the occasion. In other words, you get the right interpreter for any assignment.

  1. The HearHear team

The quality also depends on us: the HearHear team. To make sure or interpretation service matches your needs and preferences, we start with a detailed assessment of your request. We find out exactly what you want and book the most specialised interpreter in the requested language combination along with the right equipment for the job. At your location.
We are a close-knit team, and you can always reach us when you need us. Everyone is informed and aware of all the requests. What’s the result? We don’t miss a single detail, and you can expect the best quality service.

  1. You

Finally, the quality depends on the information we receive from you. Because interpreters need to thoroughly prepare, we appreciate receiving documentation materials well in advance. This allows the interpreter to prepare down to the smallest details and provide the best possible support on the day itself.


Would you like to embark on a successful partnership? HearHear is ready to help! We’re only satisfied when you’re satisfied.

What kind of interpreting equipment do you need for your meeting? Contact us for more information now!

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