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HearHear: the interpreting agency that speaks your language

HearHear is a specialised interpreting agency. Find the interpreter and equipment best suited to your event now, along with the associated costs.

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What kind of interpretation do you need?

whisper interpreter whisper interpreter interpreting office

Whispered interpreting

A whispering interpreter whispers when interpreting. A whispering interpreter usually interprets for one or two people in a small space.

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consecutive interpreter interpreter agency

Consecutive interpreting

A consecutive interpreter interprets after the speaker has spoken. This means the translation follows the spoken text.

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simultaneous interpreter interpreter interpreter office

Simultaneous interpreting

This is a somewhat more intensive form of interpreting where the simultaneous interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker.

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Interpreting equipment: translations anywhere

whisper set interpretation equipment

Whisper set

A whisper set consists of a headset and microphone. This enables the interpreter to transmit (talk) and receive (listen).

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interpreting booth interpreting equipment

Interpreting booth

Interpreting booths are soundproof systems measuring approximately 2 x 2 meters. This is where the interpreter sits. Fixed booths on site or mobile interpreting booths; you name it, we have it.

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discussion microphone interpreter equipment

Discussion microphone

A discussion microphone provides privacy and silence for the simultaneous interpreter. Supreme concentration in a 2 x 2 meter space.

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